Siadomni is a SPASAD: a multifunctional home care and assistance service. It is the result of a partnership between SIAD Saint-Jean-de-Bournay and Adomni (a franchise of Adhap services). The former provides nursing services, while the latter offers assistance and support.
The SPASAD Siadomni "facilitates the journey of vulnerable individuals at home by providing comprehensive care and jointly conducting preventive actions" across the 18 municipalities of Pays Saint-Jeannais (Nord-Isère).
Dessinandier was hired to design the visual identity of this new structure.

Photo credits : Stannah International

The design of Siadomni's pictogram was guided by the need to create a symbol that is both reassuring and familiar; an emblem that is streamlined enough to be easily recognized, while also being unique and fully associated with the services it represents.
The overall impression it conveys is that of an organization that places humanity, comfort, and warmth at the heart of its values. The image of a house being lifted by a balloon symbolizes retirement and freedom. The lowercase letters in the name suggest a sense of closeness and approachability.

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