Duckies is a rockabilly music group from Lyon that performs throughout the region. To complement their growing success, they enlisted Dessinandier to craft a visual identity that aligns more closely with their concept and infectious energy.
Jérôme, the lead singer and guitarist of Duckies, had a pretty clear idea of the group's new emblem. Duckies unavoidably suggests... a duck. The mascot needed to evoke the most energetic one of all: Daffy Duck. The shape and style harken back to the 1950s, in keeping with the theme.
As for the pose, there was only one possible inspiration: Chuck Berry.
With its black plumage replacing the Perfecto jacket, its slicked-back feathers on its head, its playful demeanor, stage spotlight, and White Falcon guitar, the mascot is ready for one thing: accompanying the Duckies in concert!

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