Pokeweb Go is an online platform that offers location services to Pokémon Go players. The website appears as a vast map on which different game elements (Pokémon, PokéStops, etc.) are listed.At the peak of Pokémon Go's popularity, the Pokeweb Go platform had over 150,000 visitors per day. It was commonly used by more than one million users worldwide, and the Facebook page received over 400 messages per hour.
Dessinandier was hired to develop the visual identity of the platform.

Designing the symbol of such a highly frequented platform is no easy task, especially when the original material is as well-known as Pokémon. The challenge was therefore to propose a logo that is both faithful to the original and completely novel. It was essential for the symbol to be associated with the platform and to reflect its functionalities.
The color scheme mirrors that of a Poké Ball.

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