Osmie (Osmia Lunata) is a young tattoo artist from Lyon. A resident at My Body Art* (Terreaux), she is influenced by Art Nouveau (Mucha, Klimt, and neo-traditional style), nature (botany, animals, insects), literature, and linocut.
Previously a character artist and co-founder of Spooklight Studio, Osmie has a particular sensitivity to curves and color that gives her tattoos a true identity. Passionate and generous, Osmie appreciates both small blackwork projects and more ambitious colorful works.
To support her development, Dessinandier designed her visual identity.
*EDIT: You can now find Osmie at Obscure Essence since late 2022.
The Apis Mellifera is undeniably the most famous representative of the great and noble bee family. A semi-domesticated honey bee widely used in apiculture, it lives with thousands of its kind within a large colony centered around a queen.
As famous as they are, they are not the only bees to roam our countryside.
The osmia is a solitary bee (or mason bee) that builds its nest with style: empty shells, flowers, or clay serve as her construction materials.
Osmia lunata is one of the many subspecies of osmias. It was therefore necessary to make an accurate representation of it.

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