Lupi Motion is a video and motion design studio in Lyon. Started eight years ago as a collective, Lupi Motion is now evolving into a company. It was in this context, and to support its development, that Dessinandier was tasked with designing the studio's new visual identity.
More akin to a film production company than a communication agency, the goal was to create a logo that was both simple and modern, evoking movement and creativity, while retaining the wolf from the original symbol.
The result is an ambitious wolf, proudly gazing at the moon, its fur stirred by a wind of freedom (and reminiscent of graphic animations due to its particles).
Before evolving into a figurative representation, the initial references were mostly minimalist, or even geometric. I therefore explored different avenues in this vein, alternatively focusing on magic, movement, harmony, dynamics, and energy.
The only constraints imposed were the use of a gradient and blue and purple tones.

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