With Storyfab, create animated cartoons easily with your smartphone and a little imagination. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Pirates of the Caribbean, or even Indiana Jones, what if you reimagined them your way? Choose from various all-in-one themes or create your own worlds.
Cast your actors, set the scene, add augmented reality elements, and transform your bedroom or living room into a Hollywood studio!

The choice of the Campton typeface was motivated by its roundness and simplicity, which give it a playful aspect without veering into childishness. The linear design of this sans-serif typography also provides it with a grounding and stability (enhanced by its weight) that are expected from the most meticulous tools.
In fact, since Storyfab is a tool (not a game), it features a sleek symbol.
The name and emblem of Storyfab underwent extensive research. Many different concepts were explored, but the most common was one illustrating a box. For the project that I initially named “Stage Up,” the idea of a “clapbox” was prominent: a toy and tool box with a lid and one side featuring the familiar design of a clapboard represented the idea of an all-in-one, fun cinematic experience.
However, the final research veered towards a less literal design, resulting in the final logotype.

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