Coupains is a French audiovisual production company, particularly focused on live performances. As part of the development of its activities—specifically in the film sector with the release of "Opération Portugal"— Coupains Production enlisted Dessinandier to design its visual identity.
As the name suggests, the company brings together three founders and friends around shared values and passions for cinema, television, and the performing arts.

© Moana Films - Coupains Production

There were numerous explorations in visual identity before arriving at the current version. The first concept was based on alternating representations of the three founders, with a marked emphasis on one of them (leading to its dismissal). Indeed, the three founders can easily be visually synthesized as each possesses a distinctive characteristic that personifies them: a cap for one, long hair for another, and rabbit ears for the last.
The next approach focused on using a smiley face, which has the advantage of being familiar and adaptable. Not only is the logo modular (with three designs coexisting) but it is also contextual: the smiley adjusts to each situation.
Moreover, each version of the graphic system can be reproduced using a standard keyboard (in its 90-degree tilted version).
The following exploration involved directly representing the three founders, resulting in a "band" of inseparable friends, and a thread. The red thread, the thread of Ariadne, traces a path and tells a story.
The aesthetic influence of Keith Haring, La Linea de Cava, or traffic signs underscores the protean nature of artistic creation (television, cinema, stand-up), its popular and universal aspect, humor, joy, and celebration. For this reason, yellow is always present in this second iteration.
Another concept—soon leading to the chosen logo—illustrated friendship in a new way. It is the idea of intertwining, like two hands clasped together.
The symbol is made up of two intersecting "film strips," subtly representing cinema.
It also symbolizes the differences and complementarities of the founders and activities (black strip/white strip like Yin and Yang).
This duality also directly alludes to theater as the top film strip seems to convey darkness while the second shows a radiant smile, respectively relating to the masks of Tragedy and Comedy.
Furthermore, their union forms the typical makeup of Harlequin or a court jester, reinforcing the association with the performing arts.
Despite the discreet presence of the letters C and P, the proposal had to step aside in favor of a more polysemous version.

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