Atelier de Sablage Rhodanien .2 (or ASR2) is a company specializing in abrasive blasting treatments. Its activities primarily focus on sandblasting, shot blasting, and bead blasting on all surfaces.
Located in the Lyon region for many years, ASR2 has become a leading player in the sector. To support its development and extend its territorial reach, Dessinandier was tasked with modernizing its visual identity and establishing an appropriate marketing strategy.

ASR2's rebranding followed a dual objective.
First, to enhance the brand by providing it with greater visibility with a striking monogram; and to emphasize uniqueness as an asset with the unconventional presence of the number 2. The second goal was to improve communication about the various services offered, hence the need for a brand that is both modular and coherent.
Opening the lower contour of the emblem allowed the representation of the three letters of the acronym, as well as the illustration of ASR2's activities. It is possible to see the bounce of a particle (sand grain, shot, or bead) and the complex and precise work it performs.
By convention, brand monograms are usually found to the left of the name. Placing it to the right allows differentiation, while also playing on the brand name, ensuring the logo's coherence in its compact form.
Rethinking ASR2's visual identity also involves establishing a marketing strategy around its services. To give more impact and visibility to the different activities offered by the workshop, it seemed wise to clarify their image. Henceforth, each activity is represented by a unique pictogram that represents it almost figuratively: the eye perceives both the material itself and the work it performs on the treated surface.
The best way to increase its visibility was, for ASR2, to establish a strong online presence. At the heart of the strategy developed by Dessinandier, the company now boasts a new website, with a shorter and more impactful URL. As the workshop's showcase, the website is both more streamlined, more modern, and responsive; its content is richer, clearer, and illustrated. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages have also been created to engage its audience over the long term.
Still in the spirit of accessibility and to make ASR2's offerings known to as many people as possible, Dessinandier produced two promotional videos. The first introduces the company, its services, and its values. The second has a more informative scope, illustrating both the generalities and the various techniques used in the abrasive blasting industry (and by ASR2).

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